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Land management is a real issue that affects Andalusia’s soil or land area. In fact, among the undesired consequences of mismanagements are land contamination and legal expenses that come as a result of both inaccurate assistance and planning. On the other hand, depending on the project, whether the land is destined for industrial and residential planning…

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Luxury Real Estate in Andalusia

Real Estate market has taken a significate change in Andalusia, Spain the reality is not different; the world majestic, unique and spectacular often precedes property descriptions that are supported with great photographs. In addition, luxury real state sellers are trained to identify one-of-a-kind types of buyers and to offer services that satisfy the most peculiar demands….

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Change your home and take advantage of your opportunities

Do you like the idea of ​​moving from home? If you have to make this decision for reasons of work, studies or simply because you need a change, this article is for you. In Verde Real Estate we will help you to find the answer you are looking for. Although the process of moving is…

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field or city?

Both places have their advantages and their disadvantages, and the final decision depends on the aspirations and life plan that each one has. Living in the countryside or in the city is an approach that will always generate defenders and detractors of one place and another. What is certain is that each place has some…

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