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Le Blanc – Sierra Blanca

Le Blanc – Sierra Blanca

Le Blanc – Sierra Blanca

Sierra Blanca, 29602 Marbella, Málaga, España

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El diseño de los salones de LeBlanc responde a la intención de convertirlos en una estancia única y llena de personalidad.

La gran superficie acristalada y la amplia terraza aseguran la entrada de luz natural durante todo el año y permiten una conexión abierta entre espacios, integrando el jardín en el propio salón. En el interior, el meticuloso diseño está concebido para mejorar la vida doméstica, ofreciendo una gran amplitud de espacio para diferentes tipos de actividades. Después de ver todo lo que Le Blanc tiene que ofrecer, no podrá imaginarse en ningún otro lugar.

While home design trends may come and go, designers and architects know that all kitchens have to be functional and beautiful at the same time. Le Blanc kitchens are a reflection of the highest standards in the industry and will not disappoint their owners.

Le Blanc is situated to the south of the Sierra de las Nieves natural park and enjoys the same wealth of flora and fauna. In 2013, the city council of Marbella submitted a petition asking for the southern side of Sierra Blanca to be included in the park owing to its importance in the conservation of the biosphere in the area. Our residential developments are located in this same unspoilt countryside and are home to several varieties of plants and trees that embellish the living space of their residents.

These 22 exclusive villas are built to the highest quality standards. All of the materials and techniques used in their construction have been meticulously selected to satisfy the most demanding homeowners, succeeding in furnishing the homes with three core values: contemporary design, sophistication and luxury. Furthermore, there are several additional options that can be incorporated at the express request of the homeowner.

TypesBedroomsBathroomsm2 Builtm2 TerraceGaragePrices
Ground floor43+1213,34125,74YES(3)1.720.000,00 €
Ground floor43+1213,34125,74YES(3)1.585.000,00 €
Ground floor43+1213,34125,74YES(3)1.700.000,00 €

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